We are constantly getting in new products and the best toys so stop by often! We look forward to helping you find the perfect toy.

Here are some of our categories of toys:


By choosing from beautifully crafted manipulative building blocks, you not only stimulate your child’s early powers of originality and innovation, but you add geometry and symmetry to playtime fun, as well. Let your child’s creative imagination run free with one of our many construction toys like Wedgets, Shapescapes, Bloco, Dado, or Haba Architectural Kits.

Also, in this area, we have vehicles with outstanding visual appeal. Bruder trucks have impeccable craftsmanship of realistic working functions. Wow Products are geared toward children 18 months – 5 years old. While, Mighty World vehicles sets are for ages 3 and up.

  • Bruder® Trucks
  • Building Blocks
  • Haba Architectural Kits
  • Marble Runs
  • Mighty World Vehicle Sets
  • Wow Toys
  • Zoobs

New Beginnings

What can be more important to you than your new baby? From the moment you bring your little one home, you foster their development by interaction and learning through play. See a full line of toys that are designed with America’s leading childbirth and early parenting organizations.

In this area you will find toys for all phases of development; textural, cause and effect, manipulative, and imaginative. We make it easy for you to select toys that satisfy baby’s increasing energy levels, challenge maturing skills, and learning through association.

Don’t miss our line of green toys. We have organic soft animals and natural wooden toys. These wooden toys are from Maple Landmark and contain absolutely no chemicals. Best of all, they are made in Vermont.

Please Come in and see our full line of Thomas the Tank Engine, plush toys from Jelly Cat, classic storybooks and bathtub toys.

  • Creative Toys for Infant Development
  • Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Jelly Cats
  • Classic Story Books
  • Fine Wooden Toys
  • Bathtub Toys
  • Smart Snacks
  • Melissa & Doug

Artist Corner

When a child is born, he or she immediately seeks to imitate the world around them. Children want to learn all they can about anything and everything they see. There is no better way to reinforce that knowledge than by giving them all the premium tools they can dream up; in doing so, they can learn the fundamentals of basics of art, crafting, and design.

Let imagination and creativity help your child to express themselves with origami, sculpture kits, beeswax crayons, watercolors, chalk, clay, finger paints, mosaics, and dot art. Fashion, knitting, embroidery, beading, felting, hair creations, and jewelry making can help older children showcase their uniqueness and freshness.

  • Alex Products
  • Melissa & Doug
  • Crayons, watercolors, chalk, clay, fingerpaints
  • Chicken Socks
  • Klutz
  • Orb Mosaics
  • Do-A-Dot-Art
  • Stockmar


Anytime of the year you can exercise your mind, build your brainpower, and learn with our variety of puzzles and games. Our puzzles are intended for children one year old and adults up to one hundred years of age. Children will love our knob, chunky, and wooden jigsaw puzzles. Adults will love our challenging jigsaw puzzles, as well as, brainteaser puzzles.

We have one of the largest selection of games, including; travel, board, and strategy. Many of games are Mensa approved and multiple award winners which can be played with one or more players.

Reinforce class room learning with educational flashcards and homework books. You can teach your child while having fun with board games such as Dino Math Tracks, Sum Swamp, Money Bags, Auntie’s Pasta Fraction, Lingo Bingo, and many more.

  • Ravensburger® Puzzles
  • Thinkfun®
  • Melissa & Doug
  • Board Games (Educational, Travel, Spatial Reasoning)
  • Brainteasers
  • Educational Flashcards
  • Homework Books
  • Mensa Select Games (Qwirkle, Quarto, Pentago, and more)
  • Other Award Winning Games (Bananagrams, Zingo, Rush Hour)

Animal Kingdom

Quality so high even collectors will be attracted and prices so low any child can afford them. Each figure is scientifically correct and vividly hand painted with education tags. Designed for imaginative play and collecting.

See the most complete series of collectible animals in the world which include over 150 creatures from diverse environments. It doesn’t matter if your child is interested in animals ranging from the African Savannahs to the modern farmstead, from the great dinosaurs of prehistoric time to the hidden world of insects that lies beneath our feet; we have a complete line to satisfy everyone.

Don’t forget our plush animals with design and quality you have to see to believe. Many of these come to you from National Geographic Kid.

  • Safari®
  • Animal Figures by Papo
  • Creatures and Critters from Land & Water
  • Animal Puppets from Folmanis
  • National Geographic Kid

Doll & Puppet Corner

There is no superior outlet for creative play than puppetry. Our puppets are so lifelike that you will be astonished. We have full size, stage, and finger puppets. The larger puppets from Folkmanis are so loveable, soft, and realistic that many times when a child comes in for a stuffed animal they go home with a puppet instead. What is a puppet with out a puppet theatre? Puppet theatres are available in three sizes; full (floor), table top, and finger puppet.

Come in and see our fine selection of Corolle Dolls. These beautiful dolls range in size to suit six months and up. We, also, carry a full line of accessories, including; strollers, pram carriages, high chairs, infant carriers, bathtubs, clothing and nursery sets. Most of Corolle’s dolls are machine washable and some are specifically designed for the bathtub.

Looking for a special gift? Our assortment of musical, moving dolls from Green Tree will satisfy your need. These stunning dolls come in many collections, such as ‘Around the World’, ‘Birthday’, ‘Fairy Tale Character’, ‘Angels’, ‘Ballerina’, and more.

  • Corolle
  • Green Tree
  • Folkmanis
  • Manhattan Toy

Air & Space

Discover deep space with Thames & Cosmos Exploration Kits. Create a universe of wonder on your ceiling and walls with “Glow in the Dark Universe”. Learn about galaxies, planets, stars, and Novas.

Build an eight legged star explorer with Space Nine. Use the remote control to have it move, walk, and turn around on rough surfaces. When the weather warms up a bit, don’t forget about Stomp Rockets which are appropriate for ages 3-11.

Closer to earth, our single line kite collection features all of the standard shapes and some new ones, too! Remember when someone tells you to “GO FLY A KITE”, to stop in and pick one up from the manufacturer with the same name. Also check out our out door fun toys in this area.

  • Thames and Cosmos
  • Go Fly A Kite
  • Stomp Rockets
  • SKYO Rings and Mega Rang
  • Musical Skipping Ball
  • Moon Worker Digging Tool for Space Explorers
  • Space Racers

Dress Up

Role playing from veterinarian to nurses, fairies to firemen, or cowboys to maiden’s, let your child’s imagination run wild with our fun line of dress up clothes. Little ones love to accessorize with shoes, gloves, purses, feather boas, and jewelry. Let’s not forget beautiful jewelry boxes to keep everything neat and tidy.

Remember your child can be a pirate on the high seas, a chef in the iron kitchen, or a knight in shining armor!

  • Creative Education of Canada
  • Green Tree Jewelry Boxes

Geo Discovery

Discover the earth around you! Bring real adventures to life with fun educational, high quality, non-violent toys like I Dig Excavation Adventures. We carry an array of rocks, gems, and stones and rock activity kits.

Raise your own butterflies while learning all about metamorphosis with the Butterfly Garden from Insect Lore. Watch them grow and let them go. One of the most technological and fascinating kits we carry is AntWorks®. AntWorks® was based upon a 2003 NASA space shuttle experiment. You can watch ants live and work through nutritious non-toxic gel as they creating intricate tunnels while displayed on an illuminated base. You can grow your own carnivorous plant, praying mantis, or ladybug.

  • Archeological Digs (Including Egyptian Pyramids)
  • Butterfly and Ladybug Gardens
  • Volcanoes
  • Geodes, Sedimentary and Igneous Rocks, Crystals, and Minerals
  • Kid’s Gardening Tools
  • Ecological Kits
  • Binoculars

The Lab

Our kits are filled with activities to engage young imaginations and build creative minds and critical thinking skills. A team of scientists, educators, parents, and kids are all part of developing products that make science a lot of fun.

Great hours of fun with the snap circuit kits by Elenco, we have a wide range of kits available. Make exciting projects such as voice recorders, FM radios, door alarms and much more. No tools or soldering required, just good clean learning fun for the whole family.

Check our our great selection of Thames and Kosmos award winning science kits. We have a huge selection of interactive learning projects starting at age 5 with the Little labs, to Biology, Technology, Physics, Energy, Chemistry, Astronomy and many many more fields of interest.

Expand your knowledge with anatomy models, electronic and magnetic kits and exciting science projects!

  • Snap Circuit kits by Elenco
  • Thames and Kosmos Kits
  • Anatomy Models
  • Electronic Kits
  • Magnetic Kits
  • Science Projects